Community Development and the arts – The Ugly Duckling

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  1. Chris Ashman says:

    Good insight – very proud of oiling the wg funding wheels for redhouse back in the hov day – arts leading the way for other services to follow!!

  2. many of these shows are booked through the Arts Council of Wales’ Night Out scheme- which helps communities across Wales put on shows in local community halls by taking away the financial risk. This video link explains the scheme

    • Thanks for taking then time out to comment (and for the RT).

      I probably could have made more of Night Out/Noson Allan’s involvement. It is a tremendous scheme and I’m particularly pleased that Markham’s production is being supported via Night Out/Noson Allan as I can recall several productions being held at Markham Primary School under a Headteacher who had a real passion for the arts and its role in inspiring children and bringing parents/families closer to the school environment.

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