Podcast #1 – In conversation with Alan Twelvetrees

In the inaugural episode of The Community Development Podcast Russell Todd is joined by Alan Twelvetrees, author of the seminal Community Work, first published in 1982, and with a fifth edition just published (2017) with the updated title Community Development, Social Action and Social Planning.

Alan explains his threefold typology of community work, as indicated by the new title, drawing on his experience in the field from as far back as the 1970s when he started as a community worker in Braunstone in Leicester.

Alan distinguishes between generalist and specialist community work; recalls running a range of campaigns, including some ‘against the state’ and the challenges this can bring when the state is funding community development; and the importance of reflection and learning from one’s mistakes.

For further reading Alan recommends these texts.

Welsh word of the podcast:

community = cymuned [cu-mee-ned]


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