Podcast #12: Community development, organising and coworking with Stephanie Gamauf

Having recently started working with community benefit society Indycube – who provide coworking spaces across Wales and beyond as well as offering a trade union for the self-employed – I was struck by a fascinating article in  issue 21 ofStir To Action magazine by Stephanie Gamauf, Director of Programmes at Brixton Impact Hub: ‘Community organising – Back to its roots’

Stir To Action cover of issue 21

In it Stephanie argued, among other things, that though coworking is a vital way of reducing loneliness and isolation among the increasing numbers of self-employed, freelance and independent workers, community organising based on sound community development principles can help mitigate the potential coworking has to exclude other local interests, or worse, deepen local inequalities.

In this podcast Russell chats with Stephanie at Brixton Hub’s then-premises at Pop Brixton about the dangers of coworking environments contributing to the gentrification of communities; the importance of coworking spaces in reflecting the demographics and interests of how teh communities in which they are located; and how the term ‘community’ can be re-claimed via community organising.

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