Podcast #15: Benthyg – A Library of Things

In this podcast Russell is joined by Becky Harford who is one of the founders of Benthyg a ‘library of things’ in Rumney, Cardiff, possibly the first such library of things in Wales.

Benthyg is Welsh for ‘to borrow’.

Becky explains what a ‘library of things’ is; what motivated the creation of Benthyg; how Benthyg has coalesced with other community activism in Rumney; and how it is making alliances in neighbouring districts in Cardiff.

Benthyg has recently been successful in securing £50k of landfill tax funding. However, Becky is frank and honest in how she reveals that project success can risk coming at a price to the volunteers involved.

You can connect with the Rumney Forum via its Facebook page.

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  1. 05/02/2019

    […] that address these structural issues; and, in turn, share the learning to help other ventures. Our recent podcast about the Benthyg Library of Things in Rumney, Cardiff with Becky Harford is testament to how CD at the heart of an initiative seeks to pollenate […]

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