Podcast #25: Community Development & Covid 19 (part 2)

In the second part of a series looking at how Community Development is adapting to and tackling issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Russell chats first with Chris Johnes from Building Communities Trust (BCT) in Wales about how they are helping to bring to government’s attention the stories from communities about how the pandemic is affecting people.

Russell then chats with two people involved with one of BCT’s 13 areas across Wales, St Mellons in the east of Cardiff: Helen Griffiths from Hope St Mellons and David Clague a local pastor. They talk about some of the things that they’ve been involved in locally to help ease the isolation, loneliness and poor mental health that the lockdown has caused including distributing activity packs to children, starting a community diary and, in partnership with The Message Trust, inviting Father Christmas to visit St Mellons on his sleigh! You can also follow Hope St Mellons on Twitter.

Bethania Church FB: Bethania-Church-819245558136000
Rumney Coronavirus Support Group FB: https://www.volunteercardiff.co.uk/rumney-coronavirus-support-group/

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