Podcast #27: Small Is Beautiful – storytelling & knowledge in social care with Nick Andrews

Nick Andrews from the Wales School for Social Care Research at Swansea University, joins the podcast for the first time to discuss his work to bring research and practice together in social care systems.

Nick’s training and background is as a community social worker and is a disciple of the Most Significant Change methodology that emphasises the value of storytelling and importance of giving people voice about what matters to them in social care settings. It’s a methodology that is just as applicable, I believe, to community development, and I can point to two community organisations near to where I’m based in south Wales that use it.

Nick also convenes the Small Is Beautiful network of small grassroots ‘disruptors’ and organisations in Wales that includes Action In Caerau and Ely (who joined for podcast #14), Solva Care and Kim Inspire.

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