Podcast #26: Breaking the links between ethnicity and poverty in Wales

Back in February 2016 Joseph Rowntree Foundation published the report Breaking the Links Between Ethnicity and Poverty in Wales by Duncan Holtham (from the People and Work Unit), Anna Nicholl and Chris Johnes.

At the time Russell was developing podcasts for the Communities First workforce in Wales as learning resources and Duncan joined him to record a brief overview of the report’s findings to help inform the workforce of issues around ethnicity.

Complementing this, two Communities First workers outlined some of the practical ways in which they involve people from black and minority ethnic (BAME) communities:

  • Allan Herbert, then working for South Riverside Community Development Centre in Riverside in Cardiff
  • Peter Beynon, then working for Swansea City Council in and around the city centre

Given the recent #BlackLivesMatter campaign, the economic impact of the covid-19 pandemic, and the disproportionate mortality rates to the virus experienced by BAME populations, the findings are a sober reminder of the work to do in Wales, and elsewhere, to tackle discrimination and inequality and the particularly corrosive impact they have where they intersect.

Each participant has given their consent for the episode to be made available again.

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