Podcast #29 – Data or dinner: discussing data poverty with Nesta

In this episode Russell is joined by Rob Ashelford, Head of Nesta Cymru, upon the release of a report into the extent of data poverty in Wales and Scotland published by Nesta and Y Lab based in Cardiff, Wales.

The report Data Poverty in Wales and Scotland reveals a stark picture for as many as 1 million people in Wales and Scotland – 1 in 7 of the adult population – who lack sufficient data to meet basic digital needs, that in turn can widen inequality, aggravate disadvantage and hinder people’s access to information to allow them to play a fuller part in society and their community.

The report cautions against merely ‘throwing’ data at people and instead taking a more nuanced look at what data needs people have. Community Development potentially plays a key role in uncovering the nuance required: by facilitating collective and communal responses (such as buying data in bulk); providing free access to those experiencing data poverty; and advocating on behalf of those experiencing data poverty.

You can follow Y Lab on Twitter at @ylabwales and on LinkedIn at @y-lab-wales , and Nesta at @Nesta_uk

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