Podcast #6: Empowering prisoners through education

In this podcast Russell Todd is joined by Clare Lloyd from the Prisoners’ Education Trust‘s Welsh project; Jamie Grundy, formerly of Cardiff Metropolitan University’s Widening Access team and now working freelance as a  specialist in community development, prison education & higher education; and Mike Scott, an ex-offender and mentor. The Prisoners’ Education Trust helps prisoners access distance learning opportunities to help them enhance their chances of building a better life after release.

They discuss the extent to which prisoners constitute a community and can be worked with as such; how prisoners are supported and empowered to shape their learning pathway, both during and after their prison sentence; and Jamie and Clare explain how their partnership work on the Welsh Prisons Pilot Project has specifically sought to expand what this has involved in

Welsh word of the podcast:

addysg = education [ponounced addisg with the dd the same as th in further]

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