Podcast #9: Social Capital

In this podcast Russell is joined by Andy Green from Grow Social Capital and founder of Indycube, Mark Hooper, to discuss social capital and to consider how community development activity can stimulate social capital.

Andy draws on Robert Putnam’s seminal 2001 Bowling Alone book about the decline of social capital in the United States. The book draws its title from how bowling alley attendances in the US, are rising yet bowling alley leagues have dramatically declined. Barry resident Andy suggests a book drawing on a similar metaphor in south Wales could be entitled ‘Skittling No More’ since over the last 20 years half the skittle alleys in Barry have closed.

The featured image accompanying this podcast is of the Early Birds skittles team in Barry featuring Andy’s father-in-law.

Mark considers social capital from a work and workplace perspective. Indycube provides flexible co-working spaces and these environments encourage freelancers to share work spaces, often close to home which can have potentially rich dividends for the time available for people to volunteer locally and involve themselves in community activities. Indycube can be followed on Twitter at @indycube.

Welsh word of the podcast:

trefnu = organise [pronounced trevnee]

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