Podcast #5 – Community Development and the Supporters Trust movement

In this podcast Russell is joined by Elliott Evans, Community Development Manager for Merthyr Town Football Club, and James Mathie (Head of Club Development for England and Wales) and Tim Hartley (Vice Chair) of Supporters Direct to discuss the ways in which the supporters trust movement is community development.

They discuss how the model of private ownership is consciously rejected for a more cooperative form of ownership; how Merthyr Town has at the heart of its mission to a desire to involve and be accountable to the community in which it is located and serves; the financial value of volunteering to community-owned clubs; and outline the governance arrangements of a Community Benefit Society.

Penydarren Park, home of Merthyr Town FC

Welsh word of the podcast:

pêl-droed = football [pel droyd, lengthen the sound of the ‘e’]

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The Supporters Direct report to which James refers in the podcast that calculates the financial value of volunteering in football clubs and the inward investment that fan owned clubs can attract

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Intro music: Kosmiche 303 by Simon Matthewson

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