How to plan a programme of focus groups – my #TalkCommunities experience

My day job in Wales is on the Communities First (CF) programme which late in 2016 Welsh Government (WG) announced it was “minded to phase out”. I have on numeous occasions helped CF workers improve the planning, quality and execution of their engagement. A central element of this has been helping people understand and be able to use the National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales.

So when WG announced an “engagement process” (note: not a consultation)- called #TalkCommunities – for communities about its proposals, which would also inform the Equalities Impact Assessment on the possible phasing out, I found the boot on the other foot.

I was tasked with arranging a series of focus groups with users of CF services/interventions, equalities groups, people who share protected characteristics and CF workers themselves.

For Participation Cymru here are my reflections on the process:

(also available in Welsh / ar gael yn Gymraeg hefyd)



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