Space for Delight

Interesting thoughts on constructing ‘Space for Delight’. Space that is free from creativity-stifling bureaucracy; is free from pernicious market forces; that helps mobilise and collectivise, no matter how briefly; and which allows for people to explore and experience new areas.

This article (also via @theRSAorg) on pop up shops in Bedford is along similar lines. Communities are awash with empty and vacant space that can meet the temporary needs of groups (formal and informal). So it is interesting to see the pop-up shop as a prominent and key methodology for engaging with residents in disadvantaged communities in Cardiff/Caerdydd. It is refreshing to see the conscious shift away from committees and similarly formal structures as a means of promoting engagement, participation, consultation, and decision-making. Frankly it sounds more fun as well.  And what’s wrong with that?

Space for Delight

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