Podcast #13: What is Community Development? – my podcast for the Mapping Community Media Workshop #mapcommedia

On Saturday 24 November a number of community media experts and practitioners convened in Leicester, England to discuss community media and why the social gain mission matters. Drs Rob Watson and Katie Moylan hosted the event which was a collaboration between the University of Leicester and the Community Media Association (#mapcommedia). Slides from the event can be accessed here.

I couldn’t make the event unfortunately but Rob asked me to record a short podcast entitled ‘What is Community Development?’. So I did; here it is.

Maybe it works well as a brief intro for other purposes? Maybe you have an alternative take on it to me?

A few of the workshop’s delegates met up afterwards and chatted about why social gain matters to how we think about community media, and in what ways we can be moving the debate about community media forward with our supporters, partners and policy makers.

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